Blob Anmation

Facility Management & Building refurbishment

The profession of a facility manager is multifaceted. From the coordination of cleaning staff and craftsmen, the organisation of green maintenance, to the recording of damage reports, many calls from customers are standard questions that would be answered on the website, but might take longer for them to manually find, and this is where the virtual assistant comes in. It can handle many requests independently and provide quick answers and solutions. Thus, freeing up staff from dealing with such cases.

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On average
35 %
of all inquiries can be automated
25 %
of all damage reports are recorded via the virtual assistant
More than
mediated inquiries

Quick implementation

Due to the Chatbot’s broad knowledge base and quick response, we offer to implement in the least amount of cost and time. Internal company information, e.g. which landscape gardener is responsible for which object, can be integrated at short notice without any problems. Thus, the virtual assistant works on numerous questions independently from the beginning and learns daily through the artificial intelligence.

Connected to internal software

The integrated chatbot, which is connected to the ERP and CRM systems, goes one step further. In this way, the virtual assistant can access further information and thus answer even more customers with individual inquiries, schedule appointments and create tickets for the employees more independently. Especially in the case of damage claims, a faster restoration is then guaranteed, which increases customer satisfaction.

Claims settlement

Once damage has occurred, the customer is asked many questions in order to sort or repair the damage. In this situation, the chatbot can inform the customer which craftsman is responsible for the type of damage occurred, for example in the case of water or fire damage. The chatbot records the incident, passes it on to the insurance company (if necessary) and reports it to your employees in your ‘’in-house’’ ticket system. If the incident is too extensive or too complex, the chatbot transfers the conversation live during opening hours to an employee or informs by e-mail.


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