Blob Anmation

Real Estate Industry

No matter whether buying or renting, questions during the rental or termination. Most of the time, employees only have time to take care of their affairs in the evening or at the weekend. The use of chatbots is essential to ensure that they are answered promptly to ensure full customer satisfaction.

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Up to
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25 %
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fixed apartment viewings

Digital real estate agent

People searching for property to buy or rent are often the first to go on the websites of real estate agents. Similarly, this process can be done through an intelligent chatbot that can assist the customers getting their needs met by finding what they are searching for, and lastly booking them an appointment for a visit.

Digital property manager

As soon as you have found what you desire in an apartment, questions might start arising. Which room has the best lighting? What are the pet owning policies? Can I install parquet flooring in the living room? In these cases, questions like that are possibly asked outside the normal working hours for an employee. Therefore, in this digital age, the real estate industry can be made it easier for its customers by getting in touch and communicating with a real estate agent chatbot that is available 24/7.


It’s important to take care of yourself and others around you

Especially in larger neighborhoods, neighbors rarely know each other personally, although a good neighborhood increases the quality of life for all tenants.

  • Shopping assistance for an older person
  • Walking for a sick person
  • Watering the flowers on holiday
  • Lending the drilling machine to the neighbour

Virtual assistants promote community within the neighbourhood.

Generate new sources of revenue with our virtual assistants

Whether it’s a new electricity provider, the fastest Internet provider or the closest Car-Sharing car. Real estate companies often have contracts with partners in these areas. If the tenant has questions about this, the chatbot can also provide users with this information and open up other sources of income for the real estate companies.