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Machinery and Plant Engineering- with artificial intelligence to the service leader

With Smart Services, machine and plant manufacturers can expand their competitive advantage and strengthen their production in the long term. Virtual assistants make internal and external communication future-proof.

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Enhance total sales by
12 %
through services
Up to
30 %
cost savings
85 %
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Challenges and opportunities

Digitalization is significantly changing customer service in the manufacturing industry through IoT platforms, connected services and applications in the field of analytics. With an intelligent service strategy, companies can not only reduce costs and increase revenues, but also create an USP over their competitors with the best services.

Chatbots as competent discussion partners

Virtual assistants can relieve employees in mechanical engineering in many areas and increase customer satisfaction through fast response times:

  • Qualified damage reports through intelligent checklists and the identification of initial alternatives for action
  • Pre-qualification of complex requests
  • place orders
  • Appointment arrangements
  • Answering questions about the product range and the company

Analytics and smart services

In order to use the full potential of the chat offer, a dashboard shows all performance indicators and topic frequencies at a glance - clearly and graphically prepared. This can be extended by our employee live chat.

Particularly in IoT applications, targeted warnings can be integrated, and service tickets can be prioritized through traffic light systems. Maintenance technicians on site receive all order information from the service ticket directly on their mobile devices.

By linking Augmented Realty applications, operators can repair damage themselves to some extent by means of visual assistance.

To analyse business activities, the communication of the virtual assistant is analysed and data relevant to companies is processed. Which spare parts had to be ordered and shipped in the last quarter? With this information, supply chains and deployment plans can be optimized.


Do chatbots fit into my service portfolio?

  • Technology leaders convince with outstanding products, intellectual property rights and own customer access. Digitalization is increasingly blurring the boundaries between product and service, so that the unique selling proposition can only be maintained through service excellence.
  • As an application leader, individualized customer solutions go hand in hand with know-how of customized services.
  • Price or efficiency leaders are in a constant price war with competitors and can only win this war if they also become cost leaders through process optimization. Improved service not only reduces service costs, but also increases the probability of follow-up orders.