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Insurance provider

In the insurance industry, many phone calls and e-mails deal with standard questions. With the help of virtual assistants, not only are service employees in emergency situations such as floods relieved, but customer satisfaction is increased through immediate answers and availability around the clock.

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On average
44 %
of all requests could have automized responses
25 %
of costs could be reduced
35 %
of increased customer satisfaction

Help in the search for the right insurance

Especially when looking for a new insurance policy, the provision of targeted information is crucial for the decision to take out a policy. The more structured, faster and personalized the data is available, the more likely it is that a policy will be taken out. Here, a chatbot can make suggestions tailored to the customer’s needs by asking specific questions, without the prospective customer having to click through several pages.

Quick and easy recording of damage reports

Instead of leaving insured customers alone with page-long claims forms, the virtual assistant fills them out with the customer through specific questions a, thus, provides the employees with a detailed report at any time. Additional inquiries due to incorrect completed forms doesn’t only extend the processing time for the customer, but also cost insurers additional processing resources.

  • When and where did the damage occur?
  • Exact description of the incident
  • Individual detailed questions depending on the case of damage
  • Were official authorities informed or involved?

Additional information for smooth processing

For current customers, the Virtual Assistant can provide useful additional information. Information on deadlines, by when the report must be received by the insurance company, whether the police must be informed or whether a release by the insurance company must be obtained before the repair. The chatbot is available to the insured as a contact person during the entire process of claims settlement.


Advantages Stand-Alone versus integrated solution

Our chatbot can be implemented as an independent system on your website as well as directly connected to your ERP and CRM systems.

Independent system Integrated solution (Additional benefit)
Fast implementation Access to past incidents
Standard requests are handled One point of contact: Tickets directly in the system

Real-time response

Higher customer satisfaction through contract details
Tickets via E-Mail oder in dashboard