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Chatbot Consulting – start securely into a digitalised future with our technology and practical expertise

Chatbot technologies are an essential pillar of digitisation and should already be an integral part of the digitisation strategy of companies with strong communications capabilities. We would be happy to advise you on how you can automate both your internal corporate communication and your customer service by using AI-powered virtual assistants.

What is key for your chatbot project

The success of each automation strategy is measured by the selection of the right solution. Only the right choice provides a real added value through what is technologically feasible and thus to a competitive advantage. Particularly in the service sector, it is crucial how and when information is conveyed through communication. More efficient processes of higher quality reduce costs. To achieve this, intelligent chatbots are used as a link at all interfaces where people want access to information at any time and place.


Successful chatbot projects require an interdisciplinary approach

The use of Virtual Assistants in companies with a large exchange of information with customers or within the company itself is a business decision that is made with the involvement of the IT department and with consideration of the department that operationally benefits from a chatbot. Our consulting is therefore based on a holistic approach that takes the interests of all stakeholders into account.

At this point, we make our interdisciplinary team of industry and AI experts available to you, creating an ideal environment to achieve solution-oriented and resource-conserving results in line with your needs.



How we proceed

Analysis of the current situation
In order to point out goals and pave the way to them, it is necessary to define where your company stands.
In our analysis of the current situation, we ask the right questions and listen to you carefully.

  • Through which channels do you reach your customers?
  • How many telephone calls cannot be answered?
  • How many enquiries do you reach by e-mail on average?
  • What are your business goals?

This small excerpt from our well-founded status quo check serves as a basis for recording your requirements.

Definition of requirements and goals
Which service competence do you want to achieve and which obstacles currently stand in the way of your goal?
The following objectives are frequently set:

  • Increase of customer satisfaction
  • increase in sales
  • Increase in leads
  • Cost reductions
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Strengthening of the brand / image

How does the chatbot help to achieve the goal? 
At this point at the latest, we know all of your internal company needs and develop a solution tailored to your company, which will significantly improve your service quality and at the same time relieve your employees. Our results are presented in a differentiated manner on the basis of concrete cost-benefit-analyses, including the time factor. Using an individual digital chatbot roadmap, we provide answers to the following questions, among others:

  • Which goals can be achieved in the short term?
  • Which possible solutions are possible for your company?
  • Is a connection to your internal systems reasonable?
  • Which technology should your Virtual Assistant be based on or can you develop success potentials for yourself by linking additional smart services?

Of course, we will support the internal communication of your strategy.


We offer a one-stop service

As a technology provider with industry know-how, we will of course not only show you business cases, we will also help you with process integration and implementation up to the necessary IT governance. Innovation projects require short feedback cycles. In order to quickly test the theory, we will soon create an MVP for you by using our industry frameworks. We provide workshops for your employees to introduce them how work with virtual assistants will be.
Especially socio-cultural concerns in connection with a robot-human interaction can be eliminated right at the beginning, because service employees have the possibility to take over the chatbot-led conversation at any time by using an employee live chat.