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Our platform - Virtual assistants as central communication tool

Our platform is the technological basis of all chatbot applications. Due to our self-developed Artificial Intelligence we are able to respond to all customer-specific needs and provide promptly flexible solutions at low implementation costs.

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Our self developed AI

With recent technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we simulate human behaviour by imitating the process steps of a service employee in the customer dialog in a solution-oriented manner. This means that the system can take over individual steps independently and complete them in a target-oriented manner through a natural conversation. Our system was trained to solve problems with the same process steps as its human counterpart.

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Individual Implementations

No matter whether hosting, dashboard or integration into internal systems. We provide the solution tailored for you. Regardless of what your company needs now or in the future, our platform and interfaces are designed so flexibly that we can respond to all requests, including proprietary software.

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Conversational skills

Communication with the end customer can take place not only on different channels but also in languages. Whether directly in the chatbot or app, via WhatsApp or Facebook, every user can freely choose how he prefers to contact the company. Furthermore, the virtual assistant currently speaks more than 10 languages, although he also understands spelling mistakes or short forms known for text messages.

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