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Human handover - Human and chatbot go hand in hand

Every successfully conducted chatbot conversation strengthens the trust of the users, so that they will turn to our artificial intelligence for important issues. However, there will always be questions that only a human being with the necessary sensitivity should answer. Through the interplay of effective chatbot services and lived customer proximity through human interaction, companies can optimize their customer relations and thus maintain sustainable customer loyalty.

Forwarding the conversation via employee live chat

There can be several reasons why a virtual assistant should hand over the conversation to his human colleague.

  • The request represents an emergency with acute need for action

  • The topic lies outside the scope of the virtual assistant or is not understood

  • The user actively asks for personal contact

Each company decides for itself in which cases the interview is handed over to an employee. Should users have the possibility to switch from chatbot-conversation to live-chat right at the beginning of each conversation or should the virtual assistant offer the forwarding in certain cases? We design the human-handover flexibly and individually.

Live chat from the perspective of the service employee

The employee live chat is integrated into our dashboard as an additional module or, in case of a connection to your CRM, directly connected to your ticket system.
Via a separate button-based activation, the employee is activated as an agent in the live chat and receives the chat requests assigned to him in real time.
The distribution of the user request to the right agent is automated based on your parameters via our platform.  For example, it is possible to differentiate between location factors, specialist areas or language selection.
For a smooth transition, all previous chat histories are available to the agent for quick review. To increase the response time, we provide all agents with a wide selection of ready-made text modules and push links. Thanks to a quick thematic overview and partially automated conversation management, there is nothing to prevent the parallel processing of several user requests.



Live chat from the user's perspective

The conversation is transferred without changing the channel in the same chat window. Whether the virtual assistant is still the conversation partner or the conversation has already been handed over by a service employee in real time is clearly recognizable to the user by a changed chat window design. If the employee is requested to have a live chat outside business hours, the virtual assistant offers the possibility to contact the user via e-mail or asks politely if he can possibly help the user further.