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Implementation - for individual requirements

Whether SaaS or On Premises, we adapt to your needs. You want a connection to your internal CRM and ERP system or prefer an independent stand-alone solution, we make both possible.

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TÜV certified hosting

Our virtual assistants are hosted as a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) on TÜV-certified data centers (ISO 27001) in Germany and, on request, also on-premises on your servers.

Personalized solution

The version that is independent of your systems can be implemented directly on your website or app. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have been able to build up extensive knowledge databases especially for the real estate, automotive, facility management and insurance sectors. Supplemented with company-relevant information, for example from the FAQs, the virtual assistant answers a large part of all typical queries completely autonomously from the start.

The integrated solution increases the performance of the virtual assistant, especially in more complex situations. By connecting to the internal ERP and CRM systems, the chatbot receives more information and can create tickets directly in your internal systems. This gives the employee a single point of contact for all matters.

Systems for which we already have a connection:

Further interfaces can be developed on request.

Perfect combination

Regardless of whether SaaS or On Premises, be it stand-alone or connected to your systems, choose the right combination for your needs:

SaaS / Stand-Alone

Above all this solution is characterized by a very fast implementation time and you don't have to worry about anything, because we take over the hosting and do all updates automatically.

On Premises / Stand-Alone

For companies that prefer to host all applications on their own servers, but still want a fast implementation, we recommend this solution. All updates will be made available to you promptly.

SaaS / Integrated

You want a single-point-of-contact for your employees, but you don't want to take care of hosting yourself? Then this is the ideal combination for your company.

On Premises / Integrated

Everything under control and connected to your own systems. Fast employee reaction times because all tickets are displayed in the internal system.

Dashboard - everything at a glance

The dashboard is a monitoring platform that shows current and historical activities as well as statistics of the chatbot. Employees can follow the current chats live and take them directly if they want. Furthermore, numerous performance indicators can be read using defined key figures. No matter whether the number and duration of the chats, the frequency of topics or the number of users, all important key figures are clearly displayed. If a change or addition to a response from the virtual assistant is necessary, any company can do this itself.


Analytics and predictions

All information is of course processed in accordance with GDPR. Company-relevant evaluations can be created from anonymized data, from which you receive information for strategic decisions and can draw further conclusions from past changes. We also use statistics to create forecasts for future events. What kind of apartments and houses will be in demand in the future? How long does the heater last? Which tires have to be preferred? This lowers operating costs and increases customer satisfaction.