Blob Anmation

An artificial intelligence that knows what matters

With recent technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we simulate human behaviour by imitating the process steps of a service employee in the customer dialog in a solution-oriented manner. This means that the system can take over individual steps independently and complete them in a target-oriented manner through a natural conversation. Our system was trained to solve problems with the same process steps as its human counterpart.

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In order for the Virtual Assistant to process a request, it must first understand it. The linguistic data processing of the spoken or written word is carried out using algorithms from the field of computational linguistics, in particular Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Our systems are specialists in their field thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge. Our virtual assistants have a powerful awareness of the need to respond to requests from all relevant subject areas in the service of the real estate, insurance, automotive and machinery industries right from the start.

All virtual assistants access our constantly growing database of knowledge from the areas of our target industries. Due to the de facto close integration of the real estate industry and facility management sector or the motor vehicle sector with insurers, we are able to build up synergy effects and transfer data records from which our entire customer base benefits.

The actions executed by the system are determined by a decision making process based on self-learning machine learning algorithms. Thus, decisions can also be made under uncertainty on the basis of statistical evaluations.