Blob Anmation

Inventory Managment

Product management may sound abstract, but in concrete terms it is the inventory of products and its details. Objects of the real estate agent, the vehicles in car dealerships or the contracts of insurance companies. End customers who are interested in your products often turn to you with their requests only in the evening or on weekends and want to find the right product as quickly as possible. This is where the virtual assistant comes in, which finds the right solutions quickly and efficiently by asking specific questions.

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The industry of the real estate and its agents

Whether it’s residential buildings, apartments or commercial space for sale, rent or lease. The real estate market is complex and prospective buyers often have to search for a long time to find the right property before they reach their goal. Apartment size, number of rooms, balcony and much more are criteria that are decisive. The chatbot guides the end customer in an interactive dialogue through the entire search process and shows the corresponding results based on the selection. Special questions about the property are of course also possible. Through the artificial intelligence, the user is also shown other properties which do not completely correspond to all decision parameters, but are nevertheless very similar and can therefore be relevant.


Car dealerships

For many people, the car is the most prioritised investment, for others it is just vehicle to get you to your destination. But no matter what motivation a driver has looking for a new car, usually they have concrete demands. The range of car brands is vast and diverse, the choice of models is constantly growing and the equipment often overtaxes even the professional. Sometimes the customer only knows the price he is willing to pay, others already know the brand and model exactly. This is exactly where the virtual assistant picks up the customer and guides him/her through the inventory. Thus, he finds his dream car quickly and efficiently and can directly arrange a test drive, which increases customer satisfaction and makes a deal more likely.


Insurance companies

The details of policies are as numerous as the different types of insurance one can have. Often, the person that insures does not even know the extent of the insurance cover he/she needs. Therefore, he/she cannot directly recognize which insurance suits best from the wide range of offers. Uncertainty and excessive demands on customers, however, leads to a high cancellation rate. By asking specific questions about the concrete needs of the person or household, the chatbot can very quickly narrow down the range of offers and offer targeted policies.

Appointment booking & scheduling

You now have the option to set appointments with the real estate agent, a visit of the craftsman, a test drive or other questions that have to be answered personally. After the property in need has been found or an order for repair has been received, an appointment is often necessary. The end customer makes a appointment directly after his search or order via the virtual assistant.

In addition, the chatbot will inform you whether any documents should be brought, or if other arrangements must be made for the appointment. Furthermore, the connection to the internal systems allows the appointment to be arranged and booked directly, and in some cases the employees can be informed about the appointment in a request sent via email (mail or email?). The direct appointment arrangement and booking saves both customers and employees the additional coordination with the risk of an unread e-mail or an unmanned telephone. Especially missed-calls from random customers are avoided.