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Damage reports - with intelligent customer communication for fast claims processing

Our experienced virtual assistants for damage surveys enable your customers to make a qualified damage report around the clock. From a minor annoyance to an extreme situation threatening the existence of the company, immediate assistance increases customer satisfaction.

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Constant availability is a must for damage reports

Conventional contact channels such as e-mail, telephone or contact forms bear the risk that the customer is not immediately heard with his request, because:

  •   Telephones are busy
  •   agreed recalls do not take place
  •   E-mails are answered too late
  •   Damage can only be reported outside business hours

A virtual assistant serves as a contact person for damage assessment and accompanies your customers through the entire handling process. A quick damage assessment including confirmation prevents customers from choosing to have the damage assessed by a third party.

Procedure in case of damage

A qualified notification of damage presupposes that all relevant information is provided by the injured party. During the conversation, the chatbot asks for all necessary data and clarifies ambiguities by specific queries. These are particularly necessary in complex situations such as engine damage to a passenger car in order to be able to classify the damage. In addition, the case of damage can be further specified by sending photos or videos. In individual cases, the Virtual Assistant provides tips on how to avoid consequential damage. If necessary, we enable your customers to make an appointment directly for repair or further damage inspection on site.


High quality preparation

Our virtual assistant receives all damage reports from your customers and even understands them if they are formulated in colloquial language. Based on the customers requirement , the damage is classified according to your internal company parameters for efficient processing. Whether it is a defect in a building, a car accident or natural disasters, damage is manifold. Our artificial intelligence knows which objects can be damaged in which way and identifies the right expert directly. Individual damage reports of machines and plants are created based on our proven object and status-oriented framework.

After recording the facts, the virtual assistant creates a detailed ticket and sends it to the service staff. If necessary, it is possible to make an appointment with the responsible craftsman or expert in predefined cases.