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Employee Helpdesk - working life made easy

Many companies only consider the use of virtual assistants in external business relationships. However, it can relieve a large number of employees internally. Instead of waiting hours for call-backs, which end up on the answering machine again, endless searching for information on the internet and questions can be easily answered, chatbots can be used for all employees simultaneously.

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Smooth onboarding process

Anyone who has just started in a company surely has many questions. However, nobody wants to bother his colleagues with these questions right at the beginning. For an example, Can I get an ergonomic chair? Who do I have to contact for the broken headset? Can I get a fuel card for the company car? Rarely, is there a such a smooth onboarding process, and for this purpose, organisational concerns in particular prevents employees from concentrating specifically on the professional training. A virtual assistant can take over and introduce the new employee to his/her workplace and more! Thus, increases mutual satisfaction, especially in this crucial starting phase.

Questions outside the routine reliably answered

Many activities become a natural flow at a certain time and nobody has to think long and hard about what to send to whom. But those who travel rarely no longer know the contact person for travel expense accounting or are not fully aware of the structure of processes. For example, who do I have to contact again because for further details if it is not included in the official catalogue? The chatbot can answer these questions and many other inquiries, with less time, money and effort.


Standard questions answered simply & clearly

Everyday questions may often cost employees more time to answer. For example, what is on offer in the canteen? What is the name of the new employee at reception? How many vacation days do I have left? Even if everyone knows where to find this information, it is still takes effort and time to find out. By communicating briefly with the chatbot, everyone gets the right answer and can quickly get back to the tasks relevant to the company.

In-house programs clearly explained

Everything that we operate every day is no problem for us. But activities such as holiday applications, expense reports or more specific needs in standard programs can be a challenge. How do I set the correction function in the word processing program, what documents do I have to submit with the travel expenses and what deadlines apply, what form is required for a new office chair? The chatbot also answers these questions for the employee and thus leads him or her to the goal in the shortest possible time.