AI-Powered Customer Communication

How expensive are your AI-powered solutions?

Our pricing models are flexible and tailored to the needs and scalability of your business. For more detailed information, please contact us through our pricing page.

How is data privacy handled?

Data privacy is our top priority. Our platform is designed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we implement industry-leading security practices.

Where are the AI system's data stored?

The data for our chatbots and voicebots are stored on ISO-certified servers within Europe, ensuring compliance with European data protection directives.

Are there integration possibilities?

We support common interfaces and provide extensive documentation and development support.

How long does it take to set up the AI systems?

Setting up a standardized AI system usually takes just a few days. More complex solutions may take longer. The setup duration is significantly determined by individual wishes and requirements as well as potential integrations and connections.

What types of information can be processed?

Our platform can process a variety of information, including text, images, and spoken language.

Is integration with third-party systems possible?

Yes, integration with third-party systems is possible. Our flexible APIs support seamless integration, allowing you to easily link various external systems with our solutions.

Is a custom interface offered?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive REST API that allows you to seamlessly integrate our services into your applications.

How is it ensured that the chatbots and voicebots are continuously improved?

We use ongoing monitoring and feedback loops to analyze performance and identify improvement potentials. We keep our technology up to date by consistently utilizing the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Do the chatbots and voicebots offer personalized user experiences?

Yes, our chatbots and voicebots use advanced AI to learn user behavior and enable personalized interactions.

Internal Corporate Communication with AI Employee Assistant

How do internal communication tools support employees?

Our internal communication tools act as digital assistants equipped with advanced AI technology. They support employees by making workflows more efficient and boosting productivity. More details can be found here.

How is data privacy ensured with internal tools?

We ensure that our internal communication tools strictly comply with corporate policies and current data protection laws to guarantee comprehensive protection of sensitive information.

How is integration with our internal systems carried out?

Our tools are specifically designed to allow seamless and straightforward integration into your existing internal systems, making them uncomplicated and efficient to incorporate into your existing infrastructure.

How are access rights managed for internal tools?

Access rights are centrally controlled through your existing administration systems.

How long does the implementation of internal communication tools take?

The implementation of our internal communication tools is quick and efficient, typically completed within a few weeks, depending on the specific requirements and existing infrastructure of your company.

What types of information can internal communication tools process?

Our tools are versatile and can effectively process both unstructured and structured business information, covering a wide range of data formats and types.

Are your internal communication tools scalable?

Our internal communication tools are specifically designed for scalability. They adapt flexibly to the growth and changing needs of your company, ensuring continuous and efficient support.

How user-friendly are the internal communication tools?

Our internal tools are intuitively designed and require no technical expertise.

Can the internal tools be customized to my specific business needs?

Yes, our tools offer comprehensive adaptability to specifically address the unique requirements of your company and ensure optimal integration into your processes.

Is there support and training for the introduction of internal communication tools?

We provide a comprehensive onboarding program, consisting of training, documentation, and personal support.

Where are the data of your internal communication tools stored?

The data of our internal communication tools are typically stored on secure, ISO-certified servers in Europe. For customers who prefer local storage, we offer the option to operate the platform on their own servers. This allows for individual adaptation to specific security and data protection needs.