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Revolutionize your internal and external business processes with state-of-the-art AI technologies to achieve significant efficiency and productivity gains. As a full-service AI provider, we support companies in their digital transformation by empowering employees with powerful AI. Benefit from tailor-made AI Assistants that master your company-specific workflows and are fueled with internal knowledge, all while maintaining complete data sovereignty – secure, controllable, and GDPR-compliant.

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With Trust into a AI-Driven Future: Your Path to Ethical and Data Secure Use of the Latest AI Technologies.

Intuitive No-Code-Platform

Take control of your multimodal AI solutions and efficiently manage your AI outputs. It serves as a central pivot point, enabling you to effectively control and optimize the output of your AI models


User-Friendly Interface

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly adjust settings, review content, and monitor the performance of your AI models - all without any programming knowledge.


Control and Customization Options

Our platform offers you extensive control and customization options for all types of AI output.


With bots4you, you always maintain control over your virtual assistants and ensure that your AI delivers exactly what your business needs.

Trusted Generative AI - Made in Germany

Our broad range of applications in generative AI includes high-quality text generation and in-depth data analysis. Whether you want to use our own Large Language Models or access external models via API, the comprehensive administrative functions in our AI Management System allow you full control. Learn more about our flexible hosting options.

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Omnichannel as Communication Standard

Centralize your essential communication channels with us! Whether it's websites, email, customer portals, mobile apps, or the voice recognition of voice bots on the phone - all channels are united on a single, intuitive to use no-code platform. This enables the cross-channel use of our AI-supported virtual assistants without different logins.

With the possibility of seamless integration with internal systems such as ERP, CRM, or ticketing, we also ensure a cross-system flow of information.

Our Omnichannel Platform in Detail
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Tailored AI Strategies

Discover how to revolutionize your business with tailor-made AI strategies. Thanks to our combination of profound AI expertise, and a strong understanding of customer-centric business cases, we can precisely align with your specific business goals.

The trustworthiness of AI is central to us: we guarantee control and adaptability of the AI output, meet the highest standards in data security and data protection, and support you in operating ethically compliant as well as in further developing your AI systems.

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