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Discover the Efficiency of Our Pre-configured Solutions: No-Code Customizations, Multilingual Communication, and Flexible Implementation Tailored to Your Business Needs.

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Competitive Advantages

How Artificial Intelligence Successfully Overcomes Your Business Challenges and Paves New Paths to Success.

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Pre-built solutions

Experience the Future of controlled Data Analysis and Information Processing with Our Intelligent Table and Document Agents, Supported by Groundbreaking Generative AI Technology. Smart tables and documents are no longer science fiction but a technological reality. Our AI solutions are scalable for both small and large businesses and adapt to various business requirements.

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No-Code Solutions

Modify, add to or completely redesign chatbot and voicebot dialogues - without programming knowledge

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We speak your Customers' & Employees' language!

Effortlessly master daily inquiries in numerous languages and tap into new international customer segments. With our multilingual virtual assistants, you optimize team communication and global customer engagement through seamless, efficient dialogues in the respective native languages.

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Versatile Implementation Options

Whether SaaS or On Premises, we adapt the virtual assistant to your needs. You want a connection to your internal CRM and ERP system or prefer an independent stand-alone solution, we make both possible. Our open platform allows maximum flexibility.

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