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Comprehensive AI Solutions - All in One

Discover the diversity of our AI Assistants and how they revolutionize internal and external business workflow automation in a wide range. AI chatbots, AI phone bots, AI answering machines, and AI email bots, as well as our internal AI employee assistants – all are based on the most advanced AI technologies, without large language models being trained on your data.
They offer flexible response capabilities to inquiries, process speech and texts, and automate routine tasks to make your business operations more efficient and conserve resources.

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AI Phone Bots

For a particularly natural interaction you can communicate with our virtual assistants by voice input. Language processing systems create an interface which let humans communicate with computers intuitively.

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AI Email Bot - Email Management redefined

AI Chatbot

Boost Your Business Efficiency with Our Adaptable AI Chatbot: Easy Integration, Flexible Communication, and Tailored Solutions for Every Business Need.

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AI Answering Machine

Your AI-powered voicemail with 24/7 transcription service

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AI Employee Assistant

Dive into the versatility of our AI applications. Our Generative AI solutions transform complex documents and extensive data sets into usable output. From high-quality text generation to in-depth data analysis, we offer a range of tailor-made solutions precisely aligned with your needs. Discover the power of generative AI to turn complex information into valuable insights.

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Omnichannel Communication Platform

Let your customer communication become a competitive advantage. Customers use different channels to get in touch with companies. Respond to all enquiries from email, SMS, social media or chat on a single, clear page by connecting all communication channels.

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Our dashboard allows you to keep track of what your users are doing. Here you can view all activities and evaluations of the chatbot & voicebot and make your own configurations.

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