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Code-Free Solutions with our intuitive No-Code-Plattform

Modify, add to or completely redesign chatbot and voicebot dialogues - without programming knowledge

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What is a No-Code Platform for conversational AI?

No-Code Environment
Enables the creation of chat and voice bots through a graphical user interface, eliminating the need for programming skills.

Browser-Based Platform
Offers access anytime without the need for downloads, as the platform is fully operational through a web browser.

Intuitive Operation
Ensures easy handling for all team members with a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Flexible Customization
Allows the insertion, connection, and individual customization of conversational elements via drag-and-drop, as well as the creation of custom elements.

Intuitive Platform for Efficient Teamwork

Ease of Use for Everyone
Thanks to the intuitively designed user interface, all employees can actively use the system without the need for extensive training.

Comprehensive Role-Based Management
The integrated role concept enables targeted management of access rights, allowing authorized users to tailor content or construct structures in line with their specific roles.

Independence from IT Resources
No specific IT skills or resources are needed to use and customize the platform, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Simple conception of complex workflows

Individual design adaptations - Corporate Branding & AI in Harmony