Immediate solutions: our AI Email Bot responds instantly

Further assistance: Seamless connection to the expert chatbot

Personalized Email Assistance: Editable AI-Generated Response Suggestions

Our AI-powered email bot not only recognizes and processes frequently asked queries but also assists in handling complex requests. It creates initial response drafts that can be individually customized by your staff members. Here's how it works:    

  • Complex Request Detection: The bot analyzes emails and identifies specific customer concerns.
  • Generation of Response Drafts: Based on the inquiry, the AI email bot generates a preliminary draft addressing the main points.
  • Customization by Staff:  Employees refine these drafts to ensure precise and customer-specific responses.

Example: A customer requests custom modifications to a product. The AI email bot generates an initial response draft, which a staff member then tailors specifically.

Benefits at a Glance

  • AI-powered analysis of all incoming emails:
    Intelligent extraction, classification, and processing of emails and invoices.
  • Real-time email response:
    Precise automatic responses to numerous inquiries for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Faster response processing:
    Automated creation of targeted response suggestions.
  • Easy email integration:
    Seamless connection to your existing systems.