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Dive into the versatility of our AI applications. Our Generative AI solutions transform complex documents and extensive data sets into usable output. From high-quality text generation to in-depth data analysis, we offer a range of tailor-made solutions precisely aligned with your needs. Discover the power of generative AI to turn complex information into valuable insights.

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Smart Document Agent

Discover the Benefits: Unlock the True Potential of Your Data

  • Increase efficiency by up to 80%, by automating time-consuming and complex tasks.
  • Faster decision making through sound insights and precise analysis.
  • Reduce human error in data analysis for more accurate and consistent results.
  • Save time through automated information processing and data analysis, freeing employees to focus on critical and strategic tasks.

AI Management System


Customizable LLMs: With our AI Management System you can integrate both the proprietary B4Y LLM and third-party open-source or closed-source LLMs. This allows for flexibility in selecting the AI model tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Error Reduction: The No-Code Content Control Panel is designed to minimize inaccuracies known as "hallucinations" in AI-generated responses, thereby ensuring reliable and coherent interactions.

Gradual Integration: The system facilitates a step-by-step integration into the client's existing infrastructure, linking with ERP and CRM systems to enable seamless operation and enhanced data utilization.

Trust in your AI solutions

bots4you is committed to Trusted AI: we guarantee complete control and customizability of AI output, high data security standards, and help you design ethically compliant AI systems that adhere to your corporate values and legal requirements.

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Seamless Integration and Tailored Adaptation

The implementation of our AI solutions is uncomplicated and customisations are implemented in a user-friendly way:

  • No complex system integration necessary
  • Easy data export

Maintain control over your data, whether you use our Large Language Models in the cloud or on-premises, or wish to access external AI models via API.. Learn more about our flexible hosting options.