Blob Anmation

Integration - tailored to your needs

Whether SaaS or On Premises, we adapt the virtual assistant to your needs. You want a connection to your internal CRM and ERP system or prefer an independent stand-alone solution, we make both possible in 110 languages. Our open platform allows maximum flexibility.

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Flexible solutions for individual AI objectives


GenAI models on secure German cloud servers.


Maximum control through AI solutions, right in your own IT infrastructure.


Access to external AI models and control over bots4you's AI Management System

Virtual assistants as stand alone systems

Independent Implementation: The virtual assistant can be integrated directly onto the website or app, independent of existing systems.

Cross-Industry Expertise: Years of experience have led to the development of extensive knowledge databases across various industries.

Customized Analysis Board: Provides use-case-specific interfaces for numerous applications.

Flexible Ticketing and Notification Options: Virtual assistants can send tickets to an email inbox or dispatch notifications via SMS, ensuring seamless communication and responsiveness.

Integrated solutions

ERP and CRM Integration: By connecting to internal ERP and CRM systems, the chat and voice bot gains expanded access to information.

Direct Ticket Creation: The bot can directly create tickets within the internal systems.

Centralized Request Management: Employees receive all inquiries from various channels consolidated in one system.

A little selection of systems we are already connected with:


TÜV certified hosting

Our virtual assistants are hosted as a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) on TÜV-certified data centers (ISO 27001) in Germany and, on request, also on-premises on your servers.