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AI-Powered Communication in 110 Languages -
We Speak your Customers' & Employees' language

Effortlessly master daily inquiries in numerous languages and tap into new international customer segments. With our multilingual virtual assistants, you optimize team communication and global customer engagement through seamless, efficient dialogues in the respective native languages.

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Successful communication without language barriers

No matter what language your customers speak, the language and text comprehension of our virtual assistants can be expanded by up to 110 customer languages within a short setup times. Multilingual communication takes place in real time and without delays due to any translation processes. Users can thus conveniently contact the virtual assistant in their native language and they will receive all responses in the same language.

A multilingual system that can easily switch between different languages allows you to achieve a higher automation level of all incoming requests. As a result, your customer communication is fast, efficient and, above all, smooth.